Support 19 local businesses.

The LOVE-19 Challenge is a call to real estate leaders to commit to buying 19 gift cards from local businesses who have been affected by the COVID-19 Crisis.

Launched by a small group of mortgage brokers, we call it LOVE-19.

We believe the virus is getting enough attention and want to spread a little local love (with appropriate social distancing of course).

Let's spread the love.

Jewels Ferris

Jewels loves Kelowna, BC

Rahim Virani

Rahim loves Calgary, AB

Denise Laframboise

Denise loves Whitby, ON

Jason Kowal

Jason loves Mundare, AB

Cheryl Sanguinetti

Cheryl loves Calgary, AB

Rob Townsley & Kayla Sutton

Rob and Kayla love Holland Landing

Cheryl Shaw and Sara Trenn

Cheryl loves Edmonton and Area

Toma Sojonky

Toma loves Vancouver, BC

Juanita Heidebrecht

Juanita loves the Golden Horseshoe

Cornelia Butler

Cornelia Butler loves Vernon, BC

Diane Gogar

Diane loves Ajax, ON

Christina Pentlichuk

Christina loves Grimsby, ON

Ali Sheikh

Ali loves Peel Region, ON

Jason Suttie

Jason Suttie loves Chilliwack, BC

Brad Nemes

Brad loves Ottawa, ON

Shawn Gale

Shawn loves York—Simcoe, ON

Matt Robinson

Matt loves Fraser Valley, BC

Meghna Dhamani

Meghna loves Toronto, ON

Sim Dhaliwal

Sim loves The Lower Mainland, BC

Melissa Taylor and Rob Townsley

Melissa and Rob love Newmarket / Georgina

Chad Rutherford

Chad loves Colin and Grayson County, TX

Sai Lee

Sai loves Waterloo Region, ON

Sylvia Ho

Sylvia loves East York, Toronto

Tanya Sanza

Tanya loves Clarington, ON

Mike Shanks

Mike loves Calgary, AB

Lisa Levy & Lauren Sharpe

Lisa & Lauren love Oshawa, ON

Laframboise Team

Laframboise Team loves North Bay and Area, ON

Heather Kreighton

Heather loves Vancouver/Fraser Valley, BC

Justin Emilio

Justin loves Vancouver, BC

Nicolee Evans

Nicole loves Whitby, ON

Nereda Manion

Nereda loves Grey/Bruce, ON

Adil Dharssi

Adil loves St. Lawrence Market, Toronto, ON

Mink Group

Mink Group loves Burlington/Hamilton, ON

Jayne Halladay

Jayne loves Medicine Hat, AB

Dave West

Dave loves Toronto, ON

Carl Lukins

Carl loves Colorado Springs, CO

Kellie Bonnici

Kellie loves Peterborough, ON

Laurie Kotak

Laurie loves Winnipeg, MB

Michael Sugar

Michael loves Thornhill, ON

Kristi Mutka

Kristi loves Tri-Cities, BC

Tony Rossander

Tony loves Greater Vancouver, BC

Michael Slater

Michael loves Greater Vancouver, BC

Glenn Issler

Glenn loves Greater Vancouver, BC

Joe Cutura

Joe loves Greater Vancouver, BC

Alfredo Carrete

Alfredo loves Vancouver, BC

Emi Mujnya

Emi loves St. Catharines, ON

Corey Peckford

Corey loves Calgary, AB

Cindy Cody

Cindy loves Waterloo Region, ON

Amie Shackleton

Amie loves Town of St. Marys

Jonathan Chan

Jonathan loves Toronto, ON

Lee Welbanks

Lee loves The Beaches, Toronto, ON

Rob Skoko

Rob loves Metro Vancouver, BC

Zac Lofeudo

Zac loves Toronto, ON

Deanna Ball

Deanna loves Erin, ON

Dave Patterson

Dave loves Birch Cliff, ON

Vaughan Zawadzki

Vaughan loves Toronto, ON

Emma Gibbon

Emma loves Ottawa Valley

Arlind Anamali

Arlind loves Toronto, ON

Keisha Johnson

Keisha loves Whitby, ON

Adam McManus

Adam loves Southern Georgian Bay

Belinda Poole

Belinda loves Ottawa, ON

Tina Howard

Tina loves Kingston, ON

Jennifer Lilley

Jennifer loves Simcoe County

Scott Sarai

Scott loves Greater Vancouver, BC